Not feeling 100%?

Are you suffering from low energy, poor sleep, low mood or headaches?

Do you have a complex pattern of symptoms that respond poorly to medication?

We help people like you every day to return to health and regain a feeling of vitality and vibrance they sometimes forgot they could have. Read more about how Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment can help you achieve better health. Acupuncture treatments are available in Marbella and Gibraltar.

Stress and anxiety

In today's fast paced society, every minute of your day counts and keeping stress levels to a minimum can be the number one critical factor of your day that needs to be kept in check.
Acupuncture is a fast way to relieve stress, give you a long term sense of wellbeing and allow you to stay focused.

Women's health and fertility

Are you struggling with your cycle? Trying to get pregnant? Suffering through menopause? There is a lot that women can do to help themselves. In addition to acupuncture treatment, our holistic plan will help you understand your body's signs and adapt your diet or lifestyle to suit your individual constitution.

Battling with your digestion?

A combination of acupuncture, dietary therapy and lifestyle adjustments can help your digestion get back on track, free from heartburn and stomach pain, and regulate your bowels. more...

...Acupuncture has tremendously helped in managing my anxiety levels, my sleep is improved and I have more energy!" more...

Jan Web Designer
A huge thank you for all your support through all this process. Although I originally came for fertility, acupuncture helped my sleep and energy..." more...
Alison HR Manager
I 100% recommend Carole's treatment. I could barely walk, sit or sleep for shooting pain down leg and back with sciatica...." more...
Dawn BC, Canada, travelling through Spain
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