Acupuncture for sciatica
"I 100% recommend Carole's treatment. I could barely walk, sit or sleep for shooting pain down leg and back with sciatic nerve pain. Excruciating to say the least! Anyway, I was contacted almost immediately and placed in excellent care where I received two treatments, given advice and learned a lot from my appointment. I swear by acupuncture because if this hadn't worked I would of had to cut short my 3 month backpacking trip across Europe.
Happy to say I am still going strong, completely pain free and very thankful. I am still being cautious to not over do but am following all stretching recommended and taking preventative measures to not have a relapse as still have 2 weeks of travelling left. "

Dawn, BC, Canada, travelling through Spain

Acupuncture for digestive problems
"After suffering from IBS for a couple of years I had become reliant on laxative. Medical tests had shown nothing and I was becoming frustrated as my condition was not improving. I knew certain foods triggered my symptoms but still found it hard to manage the IBS especially if I was stressed or travelling and eating at irregular times. After starting the acupuncture, not only was I more regular and less bloated but I also found treatment very relaxing which also helped since stress was contributing to my symptoms. After about six sessions I had no symptom for about two weeks, a massive improvement. I also felt more energized and relaxed. Acupuncture has certainly been the most effective treatment for my IBS and although it is no longer a constant problem, I know that if it flares up I can contact Carole to get me back on track!"
Paula, Sales Manager, Marbella

Acupuncture for shoulder pain
"Carole is very professional and efficient and the treatment she gave me has cured my shoulder problem." Peter E., London

Acupuncture for anxiety and insomnia
"I've found my sessions with Carole excellent, she has a lovely manner. When I first came I was in quite a lot of of emotional distress. Treatment has tremendously helped in managing my anxiety levels, my sleep is improved and I have more energy!" Jan - Web Designer

Acupuncture for PCOS and IVF
"A huge thank you for all your support through all this process. Although I originally came for fertility, acupuncture helped my sleep and energy levels. Carole´s experience and knowledgeable advice made me feel very comfortable with the treatment and acupuncture ended up being a great support throughout the roller coaster of fertility treatment. I now look forward to meeting my twins in a couple of months!" Alison, HR Manager